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Developing a fingerprint is more of an art than a science. Achieving exceptional print detail is dependent on the correct balance of fuming agent, time and temperature. CyanoPowder® makes latent processing easy because of its long shelf life, stability in processing, and ease of use during the fuming process. Using CyanoPowder is a simple process, but will require adjustments to a number of features of your fuming chambers to achieve the best results. These instructions should serve as a set of general guidelines to get you started.
  1. Weigh out the correct amount of powder (0.04-0.12 g/ft3 of fuming space) and place it in an aluminum fuming dish.
  2. Place the tray on the hot plate within the fuming chamber.
  3. Set the fuming chamber relative humidity to 80%.
  4. Turn the hot plate to 220°C and set the run time to between 13-30 minutes.
  5. Any CyanoPowder material left in the fuming dish can be reused for additional fumings or properly discarded. CyanoPowder stops fuming immediately upon the removal of heat, thus the dish is completely safe to handle once the hot plate is turned off and the chamber is clear.
  6. The developed prints may be visualized using a variety of powders (black, magnetic and fluorescent) or fluorescent dyes (best results using Rhodamine 6G and RAY).
  7. When the run is completed, lift the prints of interest using standard fingerprint collection methods (identification of third-level features often can be achieved with careful processing).
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