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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I use CyanoPowder?
Visit our "How to Use" page for detailed instructions on the optimal use conditions for CyanoPowder. Additionally, feel free to ask our local CyanoPowder expert specific questions on use through our "Ask Jack" feature.
What payment methods are accepted?
Online orders may be paid using PayPal or via a valid credit card provided through a telephone call to CyanoPowder.
What about payment in currencies other than $US?
Credit card exchange rates are governed by the buyer's credit card agreement. Orders for trade accounts or cash payments are based upon LIBOR exchange rates at the time that the order is placed. Please contact CyanoPowder for a quotation based upon other currencies.
What about sales taxes?
Prices shown on the website do not include any sales taxes or VAT's. CyanoPowder is required by law to charge sales tax on items shipped to Florida addresses, unless the buyer has a trade account and has given proof of tax exempt status. (To establish a trade account, please contact CyanoPowder.) Orders shipped from our US warehouse to states other than Florida and destinations outside the US are not charged sales taxes or VAT's.
What shipping options are available?
CyanoPowder's default shipping method is FedEx to the continental United States. Expedited shipping alternatives are available and may be selected during the checkout process. For quotations for shipments to outside the US, contact CyanoPowder.
How promptly are orders processed?
Orders for products shown in stock on the CyanoPowder website and received at a shipping location before 4pm local time are picked and shipped the day that the order is placed. Orders placed later than 4pm are shipped the next weekday. Customers are sent email verification of their orders, and notification when their orders are shipped.
How do I know where my shipment is?
When an order is shipped, the customer is sent email notification that includes the shipper's tracking number and a link to the shipper's website to determine its status.
How can I be sure of the quality of CyanoPowder products?
Check out the About section of our website for a summary of CyanoPowder's superior construction and quality control features. Also review our Research and Development page that discusses how CyanoPowder was developed and analyzed by actual Forensic Scientists. The Cyanoacrylate powder was used on in-process cases, allowing scientists to fine tune results through refinement of the fuming process.
How can I obtain the detailed specifications for a product?
Specifications are provided on each product's web page.
Will I become an unwilling email recipient when I buy from the CyanoPowder website?
CyanoPowder sends an email to document your order and another when it is shipped. That's it!