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CyanoPowder eliminates liquid depolymerization and makes weighing out and controlling the delivery of the compound easier due to its powdered form. CyanoPowder has no shelf life, eliminating glue loss due to hardening. It also is completely polymerized during processing, leaving no residue material or odors.
Additional Benefits Include:
  • No touch or spill hazard as with liquid glue.
  • Reduced post-fuming odors reported from residual build-up within chambers.
  • Better print detail using 88% less glue over liquid.
  • Even disbursement of fumes helps ensure complete coverage within the chamber and eliminates under fuming even with cycles as short as 45 seconds.
  • Effective results even on hard plastics and plastic bags.

Basic Fuming Hotplate, 110v
Basic Fuming Hotplate, 110v
CyanoPowder 30" Benchtop Fingerprint Development Chamber
CyanoPowder 30" Benchtop Fingerprint Development Chamber
Fuming Dishes
Fuming Dishes