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Research and Development Research and Development
Lawrence (Larry) Stringham has been connected with law enforcement since 1985 when he joined the US Air Force as a Security Policeman. Following his eight years of service with the National Guard, he became a certified Police Officer in Little Rock Arkansas. Returning to his native Hernando County Florida, Larry became a 911 dispatcher and was eventually hired as a crime scene technician in 1991. Larry worked as a crime scene technician for six years, attending basic and advanced courses in crime scene, lab processing, arson investigation, crime scene reconstruction and fingerprinting.
In 1997, Larry was offered the position of Forensic Technician for the Cape Coral Police Department. In 2005 he advanced to a supervisory position, leading a team of nine employees and increasing the department's viability by creating latent, computer, video and lab units within the forensic section.
Larry holds an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and has taught numerous classes on almost every phase of crime scene investigation. He presently is the Third Vice President of the Florida Division of the International Association of Identification and belongs to several forensics associations.
Jack Dahowski began his career in the military as a Medical Laboratory Specialist, where he served four years prior to becoming a research Technician at the University of New Hampshire. In 1975, Jack became a Medical Technologist at the Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover, NH. Following 12 years in the medical field, Jack turned his attention to evidence processing, landing a position with the New Hampshire State Police Forensic Laboratory in 1987 as a Criminalist.
Jack worked with the New Hampshire State Police for thirteen years, eventually moving to Cape Coral to serve as an Evidence Technician with the Cape Coral Police Department. He eventually moved into the Crime Scene Technician and Fingerprint Examiner position with the Cape Coral Police Department, serving as an expert witness on both the county and federal level for Forensic Chemistry and Serology, Crime Scene Investigations, and Fingerprint Processing/Comparison/Identifications.
Jack graduated cum laude from St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire with a Biology major and Chemistry minor.
Jack and Larry began testing CyanoPowder products in the spring of 2012. Together, they have been involved in testing the powdered cyanoacrylate reagent to determine the optimal quantities of reagent and optimal reaction conditions [temperatures, times, relative humidity] in cyanoacrylate Processing Chambers and make-shift processing chambers. They have utilized various items of mock evidence; evaluating the quality of the development and using various powders and fluorescent dyes to visualize the developed prints and assess CyanoPowder's effectiveness.