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CyanoPowder is a proprietary manufactured ethyl-2 polycyanoacrylate used for latent fingerprint processing. It helps investigators obtain highly specific and accurate fingerprint results on a variety of surfaces, including glass, plastic, metal, and paint.

CyanoPowder is easier to handle and safer than liquid glue, designed specifically for lab safetly and development performance. Additionally, CyanoPowder serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid glues, helping labs cut waste and save money.

Browse our site to learn more about CyanoPowders's features and benefits. We also sell hot plates, consumable weighing producs, and kits to fill all of your cyanoacrylate fuming needs.















Fingerprint fuming is a combination of art and science.  As you work with CyanoPowder, you will refine your technique to yield the best results based on the type of chamber you are using.  These instructions are guidelines only.

Achieving exceptional print detail is dependent on the correct balance of fuming agent, time and temperature.  Using CyanoPowder is a simple process.





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